Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jones reviewed

Alan Jones on Q

Here's quite a funny review of Alan Jones' appearance on Q&A last night.  I liked these bits in particular (about the Liberal guest's difficult position):
The Liberal MP Jamie Briggs didn't fare as well, exhibiting the familiar terror seen in conservative politicians when Jones is in headmaster mode and thinks they should pull their socks up. When Tony Jones pushed Briggs to sign on to some of Alan's economic prescriptions, the MP had the look of a man who wished he was somewhere more relaxing, like a burning house.
"Say yes, Jamie," Alan exhorted him. Later he advised Briggs: "This is really hard-nosed stuff, Jamie!"
All one could think was: Poor Jamie. All avenues of escape blocked by a scary Jones to the left of him and a scary Jones to the right, Briggs settled on a one-liner. "We're always told we have to agree with Alan," said the Assistant Minister for Letting the Cat Out Of
The Bag. Poor Jamie. He'll be hearing that one on a loop for the rest of his days.
And Jones' incredible gall in his big statement is noted:
This advice followed an admonition to the nation to get behind Tony Abbott. "I think it's incumbent on us all to support the Prime Minister", no matter who they were, he declared.
I started watching it last night, but a reclining position and two glasses of wine meant that I slept through most of it...

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