Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last chance to nude up

Well, looks like if I go mad and want to turn this into a exhibitionist's porn blog, I only have a month in which to do it.  Although, it does seems I could still appear if tastefully nude. 

I think a certain other blogging style service starting with T has cornered the market for pornography anyway, hasn't it?   This is good - stopping pornography on certain domains helps with filtering.   If you ask me, the world should all agree to shove adult, explicit pornography off to a special .xxx domain.   Both the porn industry and Stephen Conroy (Labor's most gormless Minister in the last government) oppose it, so it is almost certainly a good idea.

As I have said before - people would take a dim view of Adult shop style porn magazines being on open display at the newsagent or supermarket checkout next to New Idea.   The internet is now just as an essential service as the local supermarket, even for kids, and just as you don't want them stumbling across copulating couples at Coles, the internet should be set up to make it easy to filter it such material too.  Nothing to do with preventing adults seeing it - just a sensible bit of organisation.

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