Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quantum time puzzle

The Future Affects The Past? Welcome To The Quantum Universe

This sounds quite a significant experiment, but it hasn't shown up on the internet much (yet).

It also reminds me of the experiments of John Cramer which I posted about years ago, but I don't recall reading how they turned out.  I have been meaning to check up on this for some time..  

It seems I missed a paper by Cramer last year (see the first link on this page, which also has links to other media coverage of his work) indicating that his experiments did not show a "nonlocal" signal, and he has now concluded that quantum nonlocal (and retrocausal) signalling is not possible after all.

How disappointing.  

Perhaps I haven't read it carefully enough, but I am not sure whether Cramer thinks this is reason to give up on his "transactional interpretation" of quantum physics, or not.

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