Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Question time should be interesting today...

I assume that Labor will ask the PM if he was aware of the Attorney General's attempt to get Triggs to resign, and authorised it.
Triggs is telling the committee the secretary of AGD suggested to her a new position would be found if she’d vacate her spot at the Human Rights Commission.
It was definitely said to me that an offer would be made for me to provide work for the government in areas of my expertise in international law.
(This is amazing. Truly.)
I cannot see how this extraordinary episode cannot hurt the government...

Update:  plot thickening - Secretary says Triggs called the meeting to ask about Brandis' view of her.

Brandis says he had heard from "others in the HRC" that she was considering her position.

My hunch about the involvement of blatant political appointee and Brandis friend "Freedom Boy" Wilson looks like it might have some legs....

Update 2:   Triggs' counter explanation of the meetings went pretty well. 

Abbott refused to answer question in Parliament as to whether he knew Brandis was going to offer her another job.  Not a good look, to put it mildly.

The government is leaking like a sieve, and from Cabinet too.

It made for a very glum looking lot on the government benches in Parliament during question time today, particularly when listening to what Abbott was going to say about the Triggs affair.  They then sat in unhappy silence while a string of questions quoting leaks consumed the rest of the session.

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