Monday, February 02, 2015

Tony's big speech observed

I just dropped in on the Abbott Press Club speech.

Really sounds like an election campaign launch.  I suppose it is - to his Party for his own job.

He's still with the blue tie thing.  Boring.

Now he's talking tough on cracking down on organisations promoting Islamic terrorism.  I didn't realise that the public thought that was a big issue at the moment. 

Gone on a big ramble touching lots of things now, but nothing in depth.

Ooh - now he's reading the bit of the speech leaked to Michelle Grattan this morning.  Deja vu.

Oh - was Maggie Abbott looking a bit dewy eyed then, while he talked about her returning to work? 

A small business tax cut coming.  Yes - that will help the government's revenue problem.

Wants to be remembered for cutting tax.  GST - to change it would need a political consensus.  He's probably right there.  Broken clock, as they say.

Back into repeating last election's slogans.   Boring.

Now talking directly to the public - sounds exactly like a campaign launch.

Onto questions now. 

I missed the first one.

Second one - promising to be more, much more, consultative in Cabinet etc.

Lordy - now into "we're all on  journey" guff.   Well, it's one to the backbench for you, Tone.

Supports fair umpire deciding minimum wages.

Hey a tough question from a journo I haven't heard of before - essentially, telling him he's failed to make transition from opposition to government.  He doesn't answer.

Mark Riley's question rather tough too.

I gotta sign off, though...

My verdict:   he's combative and obviously not planning on resigning any time soon.   Good!  More bad decisions and entertainment on the way then.

When is the next Newspoll out for federal voting intention?  We seem to waiting a long time...

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