Thursday, February 05, 2015

What a joker, I mean joke

Andrew Bolt can't decide if he wants to see Abbott gone or not, so now he's attacking the ABC for an "abuse of power" in its reporting:
LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: ... The ABC can identify 10 Liberal MPs who want a ballot on the leadership and another 18 who say they might support one…
SABRA LANE, REPORTER: ... (T)he Prime Minister is resisting a backbench revolt and the perception that he’s increasingly on his own.
Ten - at most 28 - of 102 Liberals MPs want a leadership spill against Abbott, yet the ABC says there’s a “perception that’s he’s increasingly on his own”? And runs carefully selected footage of Abbott sitting as if alone?
The ABC spin and glee throughout this challenge - the active pushing for the Liberals to be less conservative - is unmistakable and an abuse of the ABC’s huge power.
Reform of the ABC is not just critical to tame state power, protect media diversity and promote debate. For the Liberals it is also a fight for survival.
What utter crap.

The nutty Right has become obsessed with blame shifting for their general incompetence onto the ABC, which apparently has brainwashed the public into being soft headed Leftists who will never vote Liberal.  Clearly, it must have acquired this power sometime after the 11 year run of the Howard government.   


Not Trampis said...

Bolt and the rest of the lunatics have a convenient memory loss on the challenges in the ALP.

They simply confirm their utter stupidity

Dave C said...

I can't comment on Bolt because I suffer from emphysema and I prefer to breathe real oxygen.

But to be serious, the only people The Farting Dutchman influences are those who cling on to his every word and will never change their views, regardless of what happens in real life.

Not Trampis said...

Well Bolt is an expert on bias