Thursday, February 05, 2015

With respect to the forthcoming "Bali Nine" executions

As it appears almost certain that two Australians drug smugglers will be executed soon after exhausting all possible appeal challenges, I have been meaning to observe that:

*  that new Indonesian President looked like a bit of a softy (maybe it was his lack of a military background) during the election campaign, but doesn't give that impression now. 

*  honestly, given the way the Abbott government has ruthlessly been dealing with "illegal" asylum claiming boat people on the high seas and in off shore detention,  how could the Indonesian government and people fail to detect hypocrisy when Australians are suddenly asking them to not enforce its national laws?   We're extending the reach of our laws to imprison people on the high seas for weeks at a time - even before they get to our territory.   Our government's behaviour on that issue has made it one of the least credible sources of a plea for mercy.

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Not Trampis said...

how come these two dopes get executed yet those involved in the Bali bombing are not?