Monday, March 09, 2015

Japanese tourism in two parts

1.  Puts a different spin on writing a "glowing" review:
Fukushima is looking to recruit someone willing to visit the prefecture and help publicize its tourist appeal on a blog or other social media platform.
The position pays ¥10,000 an hour. Applications should be filed by March 15.
The prefecture hopes to attract more tourists while working with the Fukushima Destination Campaign tourism promotion initiative, which will be launched jointly with East Japan Railway Co. (JR East), in April.
Only one person will be hired for the SMS-based campaign, and the job will last for one week. The successful candidate should visit several locations and is expected to work eight hours a day, updating his or her blog or Facebook page at least once a day.
The prefecture will pay up to ¥560,000 for the job.

2.  Here's what Japanese tourism really needs:  more ninja.
Japanese officials are enlisting one of the country’s best-known historical figures — the ninja, the martial arts masters and assassins of feudal times — to encourage tourism.

Governors and mayors from prefectures around the country traded their usual bland suits for ninja costumes Sunday to announce the launch of the Ninja Council.

The council sees local authorities forming alliances with tourism agencies to thrust the ninja — usually known for their ability to become nearly invisible — into the spotlight.

The council will gather and provide information on its website about ninja and about tourist destinations, organizers said. It will also respond to inquiries from home and abroad, and is scheduled to host events to boost the popularity of the dark warriors.

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