Saturday, March 07, 2015

Ticks and a terrible allergy

I was catching up on some episodes of Catalyst last night, and came across the fascinating, if worrying, story of how it has recently been discovered that tick bits (on humans) can lead them to developing an allergy to red, mammalian meats.   What an incredibly annoying allergy that would be to develop! 

The story sounds so improbable, I wondered for a moment whether it was an April Fools show.

But now that I Google it, I see the topic got some publicity in 2013, but I had missed it back then.  Here's a medical journal article about it.

The show also displayed the new recommendation for how to remove a tick - by freezing it with one of the few skin freezing products you can now apparently get from the pharmacy.

This was therefore a really significant show.   (And, I note, that there is no equivalent of any type on commercial networks.)

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TimT said...

All part of PETA's evil plan to turn the world vegan.