Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Arnie doesn't like what bodybuilding has become

Has gay panic ruined bodybuilding?

Well, Arnie's not a complete meat head, then.   But gosh he looks old and so far past his prime in those real estate ads showing on Australian TV.


John said...

From the article:

a combination performance and body art that’s all about transforming oneself into a living Michelangelo sculpture.

The bodybuilder who aimed at that was Frank Zane, the rest focus much more on mass.

Steve said...

I had to look up who he was, but I can't say Zane strikes me as looking much like a Michelangelo sculpture!

Sure, like Arnie, somewhat less extreme than the weirdo bodies of today, but still pretty weird...

John said...

There is an interesting book on the bodybuilding culture: Confessions of a body builder. Now there you will see some gayness ... .

I said he aimed at it Steve, not that he got there. Sadly body building is alive and well where I live.