Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nudes from the Brisbane Courier 1933

Update:  Well, that put an end to the fun that Brisbane papers had been been following for a while.  From the Sunday Mail on 31 March 1929:

Why am I searching old Brisbane papers for reference to nudists?   Because I can....

Update 2:   this cable news report from America turned up in several Queensland papers around 24 August 1931:

Quite the moral panic...

Update 3:  whoever it was who was filing reports for the Australian Cable Service liked to keep the nation informed about the New York nudist threat.  On 14 December 1931:

Update 4:  Oh no!  By 16 December, the arrested indoor nudists had had a win:

Update 5:  Good Lord!  There were serious nudist outbreaks happening in Sydney, as reported on 1 January 1932:

Update 6:   By 16 August 1932, there were news reports which combined both Hitler's rise to power, and the German government crackdown on nudists and women wearing pajamas in restaurants.   (I'm not sure, but there's a fair chance that might be the only time Hitler and PJ's ever made it into the same news story.):

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