Friday, June 19, 2015

I had been wondering for what diversionary excuse American gun nuts would come up with

See, when a school gets shot up, they want armed guards at schools, and for teachers to carry pistols.

But it seems a bit of a stretch to suggest (although they probably will) that Ministers or congregations should pack heat for a bible class or service in their own Church.

So instead, from Drudge we have:

Update:  And from Breitbart, yeah, shock horror, a black American president makes the observation that other countries don't tend to have the same number of nutters who have the access to guns for shooting up black people for being black

Oh, and yes, it wants Ministers to be armed.


Not Trampis said...

Americans have made their decisions on guns and so one must assume they are perfectly okay with these massacres.

Steve said...

The thing that gets me, Homer, is the way the Right has gone nuttier and nuttier on guns in the space of 30 years. Republican hero Ronald Reagan was able to pass sensible gun control measures - since then, the Right has gone completely stupid on the issue. (And on other issues too, of course.)

Now virtually all of the country has gone into fatalism on the matter; giving up hope that there is ever anything that could be done to successfully reduce the chances of nutter massacres by making it less likely they have guns with which to do it.

And parents will still buy legal guns for their mentally disturbed kids, thinking it's a bonding exercise.

Just nuts.

Not Trampis said...

Yanks still vote for it so we can only assume they do not care about massacres

Anonymous said...

So if Reagan passed reasonable gun laws, why the need for more laws, stepford, you imbecile?

Shut up Homer, you moron.

Steve said...

Go educate yourself on the topic, JC.

Anonymous said...

What other new laws that don't comflict with the constitution would you like to see , stepford? If you want show an ounce of credibility you'd ban Homer Paxton like everyone else has.

Not Trampis said...

hey JC do you understand what predecessor means yet?

Anonymous said...

You should be placed in a cage and exhibited in a zoo, homer you moron. The sign IDIOT beside it.

Not Trampis said...

I think we can say no.

Only JC can come up with a dictionary meaning of a word ans then argue against it.

What an intellect

Anonymous said...


Ban the idiot before he totally ruins your unread blog.