Sunday, June 07, 2015

Quantum bayesianism - the weirdest quantum interpretation there is?

There is an interview with Christopher Fuchs up at Quanta in which he tries to explain Qbism - quantum bayesianism.  This attempt at explaining the quantum world seems rather odd and to give a boost to solipsism; but then again, the Many Worlds interpretation would probably have to stand as being at least as odd, and lots of scientists appear to lean towards it these days.

There is an article about it from 2014 at Nature, in which the solipsism issue is dealt with as follows:
QBists are often charged with solipsism: a belief that the world exists only in the mind of a single agent. This is wrong. Although I cannot enter your mind to experience your own private perceptions, you can affect my perceptions through language. When I converse with you or read your books and articles in Nature, I plausibly conclude that you are a perceiving being rather like myself, and infer features of your experience. This is how we can arrive at a common understanding of our external worlds, in spite of the privacy of our individual experiences.
I'm still confused...

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