Monday, June 08, 2015

The Guardian set

Comments at the Guardian are frequently amusing, particularly when there is a underwhelming column, and especially if it is about a personal experience.

Thus it was with Philippa Perry, apparently a psychologist or something, who wrote about the "moment that changed me" as being sleeping with a guy who had forgotten he had slept with her the previous week.

The column is poorly written, with many people confused about the men's names used, and as several people note in comments, it appears entirely possible that she misunderstood the guy's comment in any event, perhaps rendering this life changing moment a bit of an embarrassing error.

Some of the wittier comments:
Sometimes forgetting is an unconscious act of self-mercy.

I seem to have stumbled into some revenge porn.

I got a free upgrade to first class as the power wasn't working in standard on my train to London today. Dull but on the basis of this article the sort of thing the guardian wants it's readers to know. Tune in next week to find out what i had for lunch!
And for more commenting narkiness, do read those to the column "Do my short-shorts make you feel weird about your masculinity?" like this:
If only the article was as short as the shorts.

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