Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Try reading

If there is one topic* related to climate change that the likes of Andrew Bolt and England's lost village idiot Nick Cater can't get their head around, it's polar ice.

Cater's column today is full of bulldust, but the best example is his obvious complete lack of understanding of the difference between sea ice around Antarctica (on the rise lately) and ice from glaciers on the continent (clearly melting in parts, at least.)

Similarly, you would think that but a moment's thought would make them realise that massive Arctic ice loss in summer (lots of sun, lots of dark land around the ocean) is not offset in effect by an increase in Antarctic sea ice that is happening when it is winter there (little sun.)  But no, this seems never to have occurred to Bolt.

Too dumb and smug to read, that's their problem.  

*  actually, the other topic I could have nominated for this is the persistent refusal to understand the long standing prediction that global warming can make both droughts and floods worse.

Update:  well I was wrong, Bolt does read - primarily Watts Up With That, where 90 year old Fred Singer is airing again his view that maybe global warming is all an illusion. 

Seriously,  when will Bolt ever read anything that isn't telling him what he already has decided is true.   When will he ever admit that Anthony Watts made a big call to his face, which was shown to be wrong by Watts' own paper a short time later.  Never noted by Bolt, who is willingly fooled by an eccentric bunch of aging twits. 


Not Trampis said...

probably taking too much ice!

Not Trampis said...

Ever notice that Bolt's own brother never supports him. He would know

Anonymous said...

do you have a brother and does he know what a moron you make of yourself on Australian blogs?

Not Trampis said...

you have projection problems JC. I told you a long time ago to see a docteor and the problem has only gotten worse.