Monday, June 15, 2015

What a moral vacuum

Andrew Bolt's first comment on the paying money to people smugglers scandal was to say he didn't know that he cared.

His latest is to note something like this:   "Hey, what's the big deal?  The AFP under the last Coalition government might have been paying for boats to be scuttled.   Who cares what happens in Indonesia or at sea?"

I think he's working his way up to "We used to strafe Japanese boats in those waters.  What are they complaining about?"

Update:  more moronic "Who cares!  They've stopped the boats!  Accountable government?   Who friggin' cares?" commentary from Bolt.  


Anonymous said...

You reckon they've been paid hey? This isn't a trap for both Indonesia and the Australian left?

By the way how do you feel about the Indon cops being in on the act?

John said...

When this story came to light it occurred to me that there might be circumstances where they have to pay to remove the problem. Say they intercept a boat but the crew says, "We're not going anywhere." They can't transport them back to Indonesia without violating Indonesia's sovereignty and they are bound by international maritime law to help distressed people. So they pay the crew to return to Indonesia. I'm not condoning that strategy, simply pointing out that sometimes it might be the only strategy they can employ to enforce their bloody blockade.

Steve said...

John, my impression is that there has been scant regard for "violating Indonesia's sovereignty" during this whole operation, so I have my doubts that has factored in.

JC: if Bishop and Dutton will not repeat their initial denial in Parliament, it's extremely likely it happened. And you want us to be a in a bidding war with Indonesian corrupt policemen, do you? Yeah, that makes sense...