Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Europe and the migrants

There was a great Foreign Correspondent last night set on the Greek island of Kos, inconveniently close to Turkey and the scene of many, many escapees from Syria, Pakistan and other countries.

This is ABC content at its best:  informative, humane, and not done by any commercial network (or certainly  not with the same depth or finesse.)   Also, causes me to have contempt for anyone who wants to privatise it, especially if they say they don't watch it. 

Update:  here's the Lowy Institute blog talking about the problem for Greece:
The number of boat arrivals is staggering and continues to grow rapidly, much like Greece's debt. During my recent discussions on irregular migration in Athens with think tank analysts, commentators and academics, the numbers quoted have climbed dramatically and currently hover at around 80,000 arrivals so far in 2015. About a month ago, the number was 30,000. Greece has now received more maritime migrants than Italy this year. Some estimate that arrivals to Greece may top 200,000 by year's end.
The number of arrivals Australia was freaking out about during the Rudd and Gillard governments:  at its peak, about 30,000 over a year and a half.  The Libs press release was saying 50,000 over the total Rudd/Gillard years.

Puts our problem in perspective. 


Not Trampis said...

You cannot privatise the ABC as it is not commercial. Observe the ratings!!

Anonymous said...


You've obviously adjusted for population when putting into perspective, right? 500 million vs 23 mill.

And by the way Greece and Italy are like Indonesia to us. You idiot.

Anonymous said...


You're a media executive now, yea?

Not Trampis said...

adjusting for population? what is the sense of that. Greece has 11 mill and Italy 60 mill. JC showing all of his wonder statistical skills again.

The ABC doesn't do commercial work ipsofacto you cannot privatise it.

Anonymous said...


Greece and Italy as temporary stop overs en route to Northern Europe, you complete imbecile.