Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For a special weekly dose of climate change pessimism

What Happens If We Don’t Mitigate?

I see that the Climate Change National Forum site, which seemingly had become quite inactive, has been re-formatted and has more recent posts finally up.

The one at the link is a good interview with 3 climate scientists, including one of my old favourites John Nielsen-Gammon.  He's always been fair:  too fair, in fact, given that he was prepared to help out Anthony Watts with his failed attempt to prove that poor weather station siting was really behind increasing temperatures.  

Anyhow, Nielsen-Gammon is well and truly a realist as to what is in store with temperature rises, and this interview is worth reading.

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Anonymous said...


Did you read the piece suggesting the eugenics crowd have morphed into gerbil warmers?

It's not bad.