Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thinking big

Mystery haze appears above Ceres' bright spots : Nature News & Comment

The article says Ceres is "at least" 1/4 water.   It's also about 1,000 km across.  If I had time, I'd work out the weight and volume of ice, then.  But I see a report from 2005 says it might be more fresh water than on all of Earth.

That could go a long way towards making the Moon a livable place.   Got to get Ceres there first, though.

But what's the diameter of the Moon?  Only 3,500 km?   I imagined it would be bigger than that.  Well, I wouldn't recommend smashing Ceres into it, then.  Although I guess it could be a way of making some nice, ice rings around the planet.    

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