Monday, July 27, 2015

Odd bit of publicity

I find this rather surprising:   The Daily Telegraph, not exactly known for doing any damage to the Abbott brand, runs a puff piece about the PM and his daughter and Peta Credlin having a weekend in the snow.

Given the past rumour mill, one would have thought the Tele would be keen to point out that Credlin was there with her husband or, if not, say something to clear up that this story was not hinting at anything untoward between Abbott and her.

Because, at the moment, those with suspicious minds may well be interpreting this as an exercise in "softening up" the public for a further revelation.  And if it is purely accidental that the story comes across that way, I presume  Peta has been on the 'phone to the Tele demanding some changes?

Update:  To confirm I'm not reading too much into this, I've looked at the story again and can't get over how much it looks exactly like the sort of celebrity are-they-dating-or-not gossip column entry you might see at the Daily Mail (or a women's magazine.)   I mean, even the heading:

Snow business as Prime Minister Tony Abbott hits the slopes with Peta Credlin and daughter Frances

makes it sound like the point of the weekend is to introduce Frances to Credlin as the new part of the household.

Now, given that no journalists are hinting at coming "Abbott bombshell" on twitter, I assume that this is an accident.  But it's a very weird one, about which I would have though Credlin/Abbott would be very annoyed. 

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