Thursday, July 23, 2015

Renewables and energy costs

One thing has become pretty clear - the economics of government renewable energy targets are complicated, and modelling this type of policy's effects can be all over the shop, often seeming suspiciously prone to making assumptions that suit the interests of the modeller.

I would not trust any initial wildly negative reaction to Labor's apparent decision to increase the renewables target dramatically.   I don't even trust the Grattan Institute on this topic.  Wildly optimistic modelling is probably wrong too. 


Not Trampis said...

I can't see how you can have a renewables target without an ETS

John said...

If Labor wasn't so gutless and stuck to some principles on this issue it would find itself further ahead in the polls. Australians are now clearly accepting that they can't just think about the wallet, that we will have to accept some financial cost to address climate change. Unless of course the Australians are libertarians and Catallaxians: they want everyone else to bear the costs of their indulgence.

Not Trampis said...


I think you should read Tony Wood's article again. He makes some good points