Friday, July 17, 2015

Senator who got there via "stupid" questions stupidity of voters

Voters are adults and don't need a nanny state to make choices for them

The Senator who will be chairing a self promoting enquiry on matters which his level of government doesn't control anyway has this to say:
If we persist in thinking people cannot make simple decisions about what
to eat, when to drink or what games to play, why then do we think they
can do something as complicated as choosing between different political
visions? If people are so stupid, should they even be allowed to vote?
Oh, the irony of this question being raised by a Senator who got there only via the position on the ballot paper and a name deceptive to those who don't pay attention to politics.

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John said...

What a fool. He writes ...

It is already illegal to sell e-liquids containing nicotine in Australia, despite nicotine being safe enough to use in patches and gums – standard quitting aids that, incidentally, are heavily advertised. The new laws will send vaping shops broke, while smokers will lose access to probably the most effective quitting aid of all.

Read more:

As previously demonstrated Steve, nicotine is NOT a safe drug. I find this so infuriating. Here is a man who claims people don't need to be instructed yet here he is telling outright lies or speaking from plain ignorance. How stupid is he to make these claims without bothering to consult the relevant research. If he, somewhat with some degree of training in biomedical literature, can make such a stupid mistake, who is he to tell the rest of us that we can be adequately informed? What a friggin joke.

So again, as with Helen Dale admitting using infrasound in some pseudo-scientific nonsense, we again see them demonstrating that they are prepared to lie through their teeth or be so lazy as not to do the relevant research and then amazingly claim everyone else doesn't need to be guided by the State. Sheesh!