Monday, July 20, 2015

The Trump Effect: "What? Our base are idiots?"

As a person who's been complaining for years about the the American Right's move away from common sense and evidence based policy in favour of culture war and ideology, it's an entertaining, if not particularly edifying, thing to watch the part of the Right wing commentairiate that is (just) reality based enough to see that Trump is an idiot grinding their teeth over his popularity.

But of course, even those commentators could not fault him on his approach to climate change:
Though he will often tweet links to articles that cast doubt on the reality of climate change, and call it a hoax himself, the lion’s share of his tweets that mention global warming have to do with snow and cold weather.

Since he began tweeting about the topic in November 2011, a comprehensive count reveals Trump has used complaints about cold weather to doubt or attempt to refute climate change 31 times. He has used cold weather and unexpected (or unwanted) snowfall to do so eight times, and tweeted five times solely about snow to refute mainstream climate science. In total, the business magnate tweeted 44 times, mostly in the winter, about how mainstream climate science was a joke because it was cold and/or snowy....
Trump actually has blamed the Chinese for the “concept of global warming,” which is patently false.
 And does this sound familiar to Australians?:
Trump has had a vendetta against wind energy going back to when he began to fight the planned construction of an offshore wind array in Scotland he said would impact the views from a golf course he was building. In 2012, he said that Scotland would go broke if they built the array while losing tourism to Ireland. “I am a world class expert in tourism,” he said.
I'm sorry, Right wingers dismayed with Trump, your one with the idiot on this, and your first step back towards mainstream rationality is to start believing scientists on climate change....

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