Friday, September 18, 2015

Dangerous drinking

It's a little hard to credit that the person handing over this drink did not realise it was dangerous to consume:
It was an 18th-birthday celebration - and the birthday girl was given a free cocktail to celebrate.
But just seconds after Gaby Scanlon, now 20, drank the Nitro-J├Ągermeister shot, smoke started billowing from her nose and mouth.
"Immediately she was taken violently ill, retching and vomiting and smoking from her nose and mouth," prosecutor Barry Berlin told an English court.
The liquid nitrogen in the drink, which was used to create a smoking effect, pierced her stomach and killed internal tissue.
The court heard that Ms Scanlon experienced "agonising pain" and required surgery to have her stomach removed and her oesophagus connected to her small bowel...
The bar's director Andrew Dunn had seen cocktails containing liquid nitrogen being served a hotel in London and decided to introduce a range at his newly opened bistro, the court heard.

I think the topic for discussion with the children over dinner this weekend will be "Using your own common sense when at a bar or nightclub". 

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