Monday, September 14, 2015

Just retire, part 3

Good to hear that even Abbott Ministers are now talking about their inglorious leader getting the boot. 

Andrew Bolt doesn't seem to be on the case yet, but surely he'll be out with fear and loathing of a Turnbull leadership any minute now....

Update:   I wonder how Catallaxy threadsters are taking this?

Pretty much as expected, then.

[But honestly, where else but on Australia's "leading Libertarian and Centre-Right blog" can one get such a scintillating mix of quasi homophobic insult and "blame the woman" analysis.]

Update 2:  and how are Catallaxy threadster's coping with political reaction to two women being killed in public by their ex partners in Queensland last week?   And the news that there are about 12,000 breaches of domestic violence orders in Queensland each year?:


Not Trampis said...

I wrote about this today.

all this started from either Abbott or his office.
He has the worst political tin ear I have ever seen.

Jason Soon said...

I would like to see a mass outbreak of depression of these idiot Boltheads infesting the catallaxy blog when Turnbull is reinstated as leader