Monday, September 07, 2015

Retire already, Part 2

Come on, Tony.  You've failed in your attempt to gain political brownie points by suggesting that Europe could, with a land and ocean connection to probably 10 or 20 times the number of refugees who were seeking to get to Australia, follow your high seas quasi piracy and bribing technique.

Still 54/46 to Labor, even with a so-so leader.

Just retire.


Not Trampis said...


If you wish a change of government then it would be quite irrational to want the Liberal party to change its leader.

Steve said...

Yes, there is that point, Homer. I can't see there being any risk of Abbott groupies within the party undermining his replacement, as with Rudd; so it is possible the public may respond positively to a change in leadership and a decent budget next year...

Steve said...

Still, there would be the delicious irony of Abbott facing the same fate as Rudd, given all of the his grandstandhing about KR being stabbed in the back, etc.

Makes me feel quite conflicted, really.

But no - really, if one is interested in better government, it's best to see Abbott go sooner rather than later.