Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dumb and on the wrong side of morality

I see that the IPA, Sinclair Davidson and his blog are promoting heavily a new book by the zero credibility Ian Plimer that insists the only way to help the global poor is to burn more coal - lots more coal:

Catallaxy is full of hilarious hyperbole from its conservative cohort about how this communist Pope is trying to kill millions by arguing that increased CO2 is not the way to go.

But in all honesty - if an economist can't see through the complete and utter bulldust that an aging geologist has been specialising in for some years now, there's no reason to trust his or her judgement on anything.


Not Trampis said...

his stagflation forecast came in again today

Steve said...

Oh yeah:

"CPI: Inflation rises less than expected in September quarter"

But Homer, it's the natural consequence of following Keynesian policies, you know. Heh.

John said...

I heard an interesting comment regarding the India question. Most of the poor won't benefit because there is no electricity grid. So much for the moral argument. The real reason India wants the coal is so the well off over there don't have brown outs. In fact the poor would be better off with alternative power sources that don't require all that infrastructure.