Thursday, October 22, 2015

UnEnglish and Unmanly

That's the title of a .pdf paper  I've stumbled across from 1982 about Anglo-Catholicism in England and its appeal to homosexual men.  It's by Adelaide historian David Hilliard, who (I think) has been on the ABC from time to time.

I vaguely knew about this topic, but didn't realise how "hot" an issue it was at the time of Newman and his followers.  Haven't read all of it yet, but it's an interesting read.   (I also wonder whether this aspect of the Anglican Church put off a figure like CS Lewis from moving towards the Catholic Church.)


TimT said...

Lewis had a good friend who confessed to him his homosexuality at a young age. He certainly didn't give any signs of being squeamish about this particular subject, indeed as far as I can make out he was both unusually tolerant and unusually liberal for his age when discussing matters sexual.

Is it your policy to do a blog post on Lewis once every while to entice a comment out of me? ;)

Steve said...

Yes, I was aware that one of his friends was homosexual. (Although I wasn't sure about him knowing.) Certainly, I remember that in one of his biographies I read (I think the one by AN Wilson), he noted that Lewis at times expressed a very stereotypical view of homosexuals as being limp wristed pansies, when he surely would have known this was not a necessary feature. Apart from that, he was known a very blokey bloke (even though he had no sporting abilities), and a bit bullying at times, so I take it from all of this that he may well have been squeamish about being around effeminate, gay clergy, even if they were celibate.

TimT said...

Blokey? Sort of. Apparently he had a predilection for a good spanking.

Not Trampis said...


AN Wilson's work was complete fiction. Try reading alister McGrath's book

Steve said...

I didn't assume that all of AN Wilson's take on Lewis was accurate, Homer.

Tim, he was boarded at schools in England and Ireland. Of course he had a thing about spanking. :)

Anonymous said...


Have you read this paper? What do you think?

Steve said...

Is that dot from Catallaxy, who thinks a bunch of econometric mathturbation has disproved the physics of the heat increasing effect of CO2?

If so, I take it he hasn't read any of the countering discussion to be found via links at Moyhu's blog -

or the comment on the paper itself in 2013

Your gullibility that one econometrics paper has disproved what actual scientists by a whooping majority believe to be the case is the equivalent of anti-vaxxer rejection of science.

Not Trampis said...

dot doesn't even know how many observations it takes to make it statistical significance,