Wednesday, October 07, 2015

When funny actors age

Jerry Lewis is 89 and frail, but still making public appearances:

I don't think he has many more left in him, though, by the sounds of the report.

I'm not sure what Chevy Chase does in his spare time now, but he has not physically aged well, at all:

He's an inspiration for dieters, though.

Doris Day, on the other hand, looks pretty much how I think she should (she's 91):

Last time I saw Billy Crystal on TV, I thought that his head was starting to look strange.  But in this photo, I think the beard makes him look more normal:

He's 67, and just had a TV series cancelled.

David Letterman, 68, on the other hand, looks positively ancient when he grows a beard:

Kirstie Alley turned up on The Middle this last season (still a funny sitcom, shamefully overlooked by the Australian market) and she is a good looking 64 (as long as she keeps the weight off):

Mind you, she would surely have had the best medical assistance Hollywood could buy.
The best preserved comedian of the modern era, however, has to be Bette White, who at 93 is still working and appears to have stopped aging 30 years ago:

Is there a reason for this post?   Not that I can tell.  It's strangely pointless...

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