Monday, November 09, 2015

About time I commented on this

Yes, I keep forgetting to post about the peculiar phenomena of the adult colouring in book.   The Atlantic has a story up from a recent convert, and there was an article about it in the Sydney Morning Herald back in April, and another a few weeks ago asking the question:
Adult colouring books are all the rage, but are readers mindful or mindless?
Nearly all articles err on the generous side, and so would I, given their popularity.

The key to it (as the article from The Atlantic argues) is the involvement in a pattern:  it's a chair bound way to meditatively walk a maze, and that has a certain appeal to people like me with an aversion to sweating.

But in order to cross the boundary between mindful pattern building and more analytical thought, I think I'll work on creating my own version with patterns involving certain politicians heads, or media commentators.   Watch this space...

Update:  it's a rough first attempt, but I call it "The Leyonhjelm Mandala":

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