Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fun physics

There's an essay on arXiv (Living in a Superposition) that is about a fun thought experiment.  Here's the abstract:
This essay considers a model quantum universe consisting of a very large box containing a screen with two slits and an observer (us) that can pass though the slits. We apply the modern quantum mechanics of closed systems to calculate the probabilities for alternative histories of how we move through the universe and what we see. After passing through the screen with the slits, the quantum state of the universe is a superposition of classically distinguishable histories. We are then living in a superposition. Some frequently asked questions about such situations are answered using this model. The model's relationship to more realistic quantum cosmologies is briefly discussed. 

1 comment:

TimT said...

'....consisting of a very large box'.....

A rather modest understatement in the circumstances.