Monday, November 23, 2015

Not entirely useful

I'm not sure what makes Henry Ergas write columns on Islamic integration in Europe and Australia.  He does put up some interesting figures in today's attempt,  but is it really a useful thing to address the matter of immigrants feeling they're discriminated against by telling them in a national paper that they're a bunch of whiners who don't know how good they have it?

Even less useful is the fact that Ergas apparently has no regrets about posting at Catallaxy, a blog which has become a "free speech"  attractant to extreme anti-Muslim sentiment that even Sinclair Davidson has taken to calling "ugly"*.  Perhaps Ergas should read the comments threads, where something like this appeared on the weekend:

and then think about the role his mates might just have in encouraging Muslim belief in discrimination.

*  He won't delete the comments, though.  Or tell his mate Steve Kates that he's a hysterical ratbag when he starts posting about how we are in World War 3 already.   He seems to think it best for festering dung in his own back yard to be left on the ground attracting more flies, rather than disposing of it wisely.   

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