Monday, December 07, 2015

An assessment

I've been meaning to say this for quite a long time:  I find Helen Razer a verbose, tedious commentator  to read or hear, and usually lose interest in understanding her idiosyncratic takes on matters long before I understand exactly what they are.  They might be interesting, but I for one don't care.

Bernard Keane, who can write well, seems to think she's fantastic.  I have never seen it myself.

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Anonymous said...

Well, she's erudite I'll give her that, though often overly politically correct.I was disturbed to read in one of her columns (I think it was her) that Australians taxpayers are funding Somali Muslim madrassas, or religious schools, with funding up to $10,300,000 to teach students the Koran ("Madrassa lessons worry Somalis", 24/9) and then to bring them to Australia as "Halal Meat Ambassadors" using government funds and ABC resources (OB Vans, helicopters and trucks).

It brings to mind the 2004 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruling that found Pakistan-born pastor and mathematician Daniel Scot guilty of religious vilification because he told a church seminar about passages in the Koran that require Muslims to slay infidels wherever they find them.

VCAT said Scot had incited hatred against Muslims, even though he had emphasised that most Muslims do not know or follow these verses. He said Christians should love Muslims and offer friendship. It took several years and huge legal costs before Scot was vindicated by the Supreme Court of Victoria.

I know the left-leaning press supports this sort of stuff but its perplexing for th erest of us who still hold onto the last tattered vestiges of King and Empire.