Friday, December 18, 2015

Daly counters Sloan

Australian government spending as a percentage of GDP

That's quite a graph Daly has got there.  I hope it's right.  


Not Trampis said...

it ain't a fair fight

Anonymous said...

This Turnbull Government relies on a strategy as stated previously used against Howard, who as we all know went on to win 4 elections - and the commentariat just kept at him daily wanting more and more and giving what - NOTHING!

As Rowan Dean [as always a brilliant, delightful wordsmith with the verbal and written ability and intellect that shreds the loopers on the left even though he's obviously a plant from the Fabians or the ILO or somewhere - the whole look he has is TOO obvious but I do love the scripts he uses!] demonstrated on ABs show - it is indeed farcical but do not expect the AbbottAbbottAbbott calls to cease as long as he’s our PM or even Deputy PM as he probably will be post Xmas.

Sloane on the other hand is scripted in by the conservative rump for some economic light relief when the sizzling of irate readers of The Australian gets too much! Brilliant woman but does tend towards the collectivist mentality - probably as a result of exposure to Keynsian agitators as a young girl.

Not Trampis said...

so brilliant she can talk about budget consolidation but get all the figures wrong.
So brilliant she fully supports the two reasons why we have a structural deficit yet insist on a budget surplus. She suffers from too much peroxide on the brain.

She left with her little red wagon after being humiliated by Matt Cowgill at Troppo.

Anonymous said...

Why did Daley leave out state based receipts? Anyone know?

Not Trampis said...

you do understand what general government receipts mean?

Not Trampis said...

courtesy of the IMF

The general government sector consists of
resident institutional units that fulfill the functions
of government as their primary activity. These institutional
units perform the principal economic functions
of government, as described in paragraph 2.38,
in addition to fulfilling their political responsibilities
and their role of economic regulator. The general
government sector comprises:
 All government units of central, state, provincial,
regional, and local government, and social security
funds (see paragraphs 2.76–2.77 and 2.85-2.103)
imposed and controlled by those units; and
 All nonmarket NPIs that are controlled by government
units (see paragraph 2.83).
2.59 The general government sector does not include
public corporations, even when all the equity of
such corporations is owned by government units, nor
quasi-corporations that are owned and controlled by
government units. However, unincorporated enterprises
owned by government units that are not quasicorporations
remain integral parts of those units and,
therefore, must be included in the general government