Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fundamental mistake

What???  I, as a Spielberg nerd, and no doubt thousands of Star Wars nerds, am shocked at the caption beneath this report on The Australian:

Kate's looking nice, in an Annie Hall kind of way, but Spielberg has never been "an original director" of anything Star Wars.  

Whichever wet behind the ears journalist who wrote that deserves the sack.


TimT said...

Didn't he have an early connection to the film though? Was Lucas's mate and knew about the film during its early production?

TimT said...

Have to say the joint Spielberg-Lucas project Indiana Jones stands up far far better than all of the Star Wars movies. I attribute this to Spielberg.

Steve said...

A pretty detailed account of Spielberg and Lucas (and Spielberg's limited involvement in any sense with the first Star Wars) is here:


(I like the way Lucas' then wife burst into tears at the early private screening, thinking it was terrible. He did end up divorcing her.)