Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The irony meter will never recover

Anthony Watts writes this at WUWT about the sudden death of one of the two Australian geologist global warming star "skeptics", Bob Carter:

Anthony Watts, whose blog is the home for the wilfully and gullibly ignorant of the United States, bemoaning the "cult of ignorance" in his country.  Wow.

Regardless of his personal qualities (of which we pretty routinely give the recently deceased the benefit of any doubt), if people cannot work out that Carter was intellectually leading them up the garden path with misdirection and science-y sounding argument about climate that actually did not bear even moderate scrutiny, then they're too silly to continue arguing with.

And that's probably why Watts sounds sort of depressed these days - actual climate scientists are (rightly) more than ever just ignoring his beloved "work" of spreading disinformation.  Even he is started to get that it has been for nought. 

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John said...

The problem with the cult of ignorance argument is that the USA has produced disproportionately use numbers of brilliant individuals. The truth is most people simply aren't interested in the world around them. That is true at any time in any culture; though some European countries might be an interesting exception. Not Australia though, we're worse than the USA. It is not a cult it is indifference. There is a huge difference there. People are entitled to be indifferent. I don't like it and I wish people were more widely read but that's the world I live in.