Wednesday, February 17, 2016

At a loose end, Andrew?

Andrew Bolt has lost his TV show (for now, at least), and appears to have additional time to be more aggro than ever on his blog.   (His show had, I take it, failed comprehensively in terms of ratings comparison with Insiders, despite having a good start early on.  This was hardly surprising - even his fans at Catallaxy used to complain about his chronic presenter interruptus.) 

Bolt is enthusiastically joining in with a revival of "the ABC must be attacked at all costs" at The Australian, which is looking more right wing than ever.  But I think his rush to take offence on behalf of Tim Wilson, the recipient of gushing praise from George Brandis, was over the top in the way it decided to talk about the gay relationships of ABC staff.  

Really, Andrew should get out of this commentary business, I think.  It's doing his head in and leading him down an isolated path of unhelpful contribution, to put it mildly.  


not trampis said...

He is boring.

My guess he is more Davidson than Kates!

John said...

As a public figure Bolt is finished. He was a terrible host, always interrupting his guests. Insiders has been rated as the most popular morning program in Aus. Big viewing numbers which is remarkable given the 9.O0am Sunday time slot. On Insiders people discuss issues whereas The Bolt Report was just an excuse for Bolt to mouth off.