Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cringing for comedy

I didn't plan on watching the much publicised "Luke Warm Sex" last night; but I fell asleep near the end of The Weekly (still a good value show that Crikey seems oddly determined to dislike) and woke up 20 minutes later to find Luke McGregor about to nude up with a handful of typical modern nudists.  (By which I mean: aging with a fair share of rotund.   For whatever reason, social nudity is just not young folks' thing, now, apparently.   Nude in cyberspace, on the other hand, is near compulsory.)

I watched this last 10 or 15  minutes, and decided I can't handle McGregor, except in an acting role.

I thought he was good in Utopia, for example, where he wasn't playing himself.

But in last night's show, it was hard to avoid the feeling that he was not being himself, but acting out some intensely cringeworthy version of himself.   Or at least I think this is what was happening - I find it impossible to judge how authentic this guy is being when he is trying to pass himself off as himself.

And just as there's no dignity in comedians (usually female, these days) who want to talk about their vast sexual experience, there's also none in one wanting to talk about how little sex he's had.

Luke Buckmaster was not impressed.  Nor was I.

And speaking of Australian comedy, I never saw figures for how badly the last season of Please Like Me went.   It was shown at an odd time slot, started with very low ratings, and I would guess went downhill from there.   But apparently it got made because of American investment.  It must surely have ended its run now, though. 

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