Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Alzheimers related research

Re-energizing the aging brain research on shows that the brain's energy reserves can be increased with a daily
dose of pyruvate, a small energy-rich molecule that sits at the hub of most of the energy pathways inside the cell. These results need to be replicated in human subjects, but could ultimately lead to clinical applications.

"In our new study, we show that long-term dietary supplementation with pyruvate increases the energy reserves in the brain, at least in mice, in the form of the molecules glycogen, creatine and lactate," says lead author Heikki Tanila, Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at the A. I. Virtanen Institute of the University of Eastern Finland.


John said...

I saw that study. I'd be cautious about increasing energy supply to the brain. Recently I read a review which argued that chronic low level excito toxicity is probably real and contributes to age related cognitive decline and neuropathologies. Perhaps paradoxically once a pathology emerges pyruvate may have value but as a life long strategy I'm still placing a question mark over it. Better to eat well, get plenty of aerobic exercise, and sleep well.

Steve said...

Hey John, I assume you read about some study that spoke of sugar maybe having some protective role in the brain?

Here it is:

But I see it was research sponsored by the maple syrup industry!

John said...

Can't see any references in the news report Steve. So much noise there(other possible reasons like Vit C). I'm increasingly cynical with age so when I read science reports I very much prefer to see references that I can follow up.