Friday, March 11, 2016

Um, maybe she was just a terrible Chief of Staff?

It's pretty hilarious, really.

Andrew Bolt cannot understand why Liberal women are not rushing to defend Peta Credlin  as an unfairly "smeared" sister worthy of support.

Why does he refuse to believe what this plainly suggests:  that Credlin was a terrible Chief of Staff who everyone (bar Abbott) could see was causing massive harm,  and that it's not about sexism at all.

And having said that, of course Abbott can take prime responsibility for the situation, as he is clearly incapable of making good judgements about who to listen to.

[Bolt also runs with approval a patently silly piece from The Age in which it is noted that Tony Blair had the sort of relationship with his (male) chief of staff such that they would discuss things while Blair was in various states of undress, including nude apparently.   So, hey, why should Liberal MP's look askance at famous "man's man" Abbott slapping his COS on the backside, or watching her put her head on his shoulder?   If he had her in the bathroom while he was having a shower, nothing wrong with that because guys are sometimes nude in front of guys and what's the difference?    Really, Andrew, you're a dill being sucked in by feminist false equivalence.]

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Not Trampis said...

he has gone 180 degrees from his attacks on Gillard. Memory loss obviously.