Thursday, April 07, 2016

In Catallaxy watch

I am amused to note how, presumably under the onslaught of Steven Kates's frequent endorsements of (far from libertarian) Donald Trump, the subtitle of Catallaxy has removed all reference to libertarianism and is now merely "Diverse and Independent Media is here".  Poor Sinclair has well and truly lost all control of the place, with the great majority of commenters continually deriding his endorsement of Malcolm Turnbull.  The conservative Boltians (well, when they aren't criticising Bolt for being too soft on the gays) have well and truly taken over.  The only meeting of minds is when SD makes a comment that is at the intersection of libertarianism and nutty conservatism, such as deriding Australian gun control,  tobacco plain packaging, or sex education (of any kind, apparently.)

It would be incredible if it maintains any political influence at all.   But I guess until the Coalition is purged of its ratbag Right elements, it might...

Update:   oh, I see that the change in the subtitle is meant to be a mocking joke about Fairfax.  I don't know that anyone who reads the site got it, though.


Not Trampis said...

Trump is for less free trade, more regulation just like Property developers like and makes a fool of himself every time he tries to speak on foreign Affairs.

not surprised a nutcase like Kates likes him but I thought the others might try and be conservative and/or libertarian.

Steve said...

There's a huge amount of tribalism about it - CL, for example, doesn't endorse Trump, but won't criticise him either, and does attack his GOP establishment critics. All because he's a rude *$%# to the Democrat tribe (and women) and the establishment GOP presumably hasn't been insane enough for CL's liking.