Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not a good look

News Corp journalists reject domestic violence views of Daily Telegraph's Tim Blair | Media | The Guardian

Actually, I had read Tim Blair's post about the ABC adding "domestic violence leave" to its work conditions, and didn't take much offence.  (It does seem to stretch the imagination that the ABC employs people who would be in violent relationships - we like to imagine that smart people don't get themselves into that situation, but then again, we all know of examples where it has happened.)

Still, it's a very embarrassing look for Tim to be taking this line when it turns out his own company is doing the same:
A constant critic of the ABC, Blair ridiculed the ABC staff for asking
for domestic violence leave but appeared ignorant that his own
colleagues had logged a similar claim in the current bargaining round.
Honestly, his constant ridiculing of the ABC has long since spilled over from ridicule of pretentiousness to what reads like sour grapes and an unhealthy obsession with every single person who works there (and makes a good quid out of it.)   The same can be said of Andrew Bolt, of course, although with Blair it feels more, I don't know, personal.   (He did have a brief attempt at a radio show there, didn't he?)


Not Trampis said...

They are both lazy pretentious prats.

TimT said...

Yeah he did a show with Imre Salusinzky years back called The Continuing Crisis. I think it was named after a long-running conservative column in Tim's beloved US.

I wonder if the implication was the domestic violence leave was unnecessary because it would be covered within other leave provisions anyway? (Leave surrounding assault in general, perhaps)? I don't know enough about this stuff.