Thursday, April 07, 2016

The WSJ does not talk for all of business?

Fox Business Pushes 3 Minimum Wage Myths In Just 90 Seconds | Blog | Media Matters for America

I was pleasantly surprised to read this:
Right-wing media have repeatedly pushed the myth that businesses are opposed to raising the minimum wage while spreading debunked claims  that raising the minimum wage leads to job losses. Contrary to Fox Business' claims that business oppose raising the minimum wage, The Washington Post reported on April 4 that a leaked poll conducted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz found "80 percent of respondents [business executives] said they supported raising their state's minimum wage, while only eight percent opposed it." The advocacy organization Small Business Majority found that 60 percent of small-business owners supported raising the minimum wage to at least $12 per hour.


Not Trampis said...

Matt Cowgill had a great article on minimum wages on his blog which is sadly no longer going.

Steve said...

Homer, how have u resisted making a comment on my post about Judith and the road transport remuneration issue?

Not Trampis said...

with great difficulty

Not Trampis said...

actually the Matt Cowgill column skewers Sloan by implication!