Thursday, June 23, 2016

Current sources of happiness

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, currently running twice a week on SBS 2, I think.  It is just the funniest thing on television.  I think I may have missed the entire second season though, so I perhaps should go looking as to how I could see it.  On Netflix?

*  Anticipating rabbits. 

*  Anticipating a Spielberg movie (I saw today that The BFG is out on 30 June.  Not sure if I will have to bribe the teenagers to see it with me, or not.  They reluctantly went to The Jungle Book, but both liked it.)

* A detailed story about a sport fart incident in The Guardian, which reads as if it could have come from The Onion. 

* I dunno, I still think an election upset in Australia is a possibility:  probably with Xenophon and The Greens undertaking to support a Labor government.

*  Speaking of the election, when going to vote early the other day, one of the staff recognised me from 30 years ago.  For the last 20 years, she had been living in the next door suburb, no doubt shopping at the same local shopping centre, but we had never run into each other.   Anyway, after giving me sufficient hints as to where I should remember her from, I did remember her first name.  Good.  Brain not degenerating too much yet.

*  And speaking of memory:  I had a dream the other night in which I was annoyed I could not remember the name of a friend's child.  (Which would have been true while awake too, as I knew I had been thinking of the child recently.)   Anyway, it was in the dream that the name suddenly came to me.  Seemed a mundane thing to be dreaming about, but interesting how the brain recalled it while asleep.

* About to catch a plane, for the first time in a few years.  Posting may be light for a little while...


not trampis said...

Mad as Hell is the funniest thing on TV and the Chaser the unfunniest.

John said...


You should seek out Andy Samberg's mini movies. Much funnier than 99 but don't watch in front of the kids.

Jason Soon said...

current source of happiness: sanctimonious 'progressives' reacting to Brexit win