Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Look at meeeeeeeee

Just a minor observation, but for a person such as Tim "Freedomboy" Wilson, who has always self promoted (and posted selfies) with an intensity that suggests a mental teenager,  becoming the Liberal candidate for a safe seat has been like entering Seventh Heaven.    It's his perfect excuse for a zillion photos of his beaming face to be printed.  Some examples from his twitter feed:

That last one features another young person who always strikes me as a bit of a self promoting right wing lightweight - Grace Collier.

And how much of a swing would be needed for Labor to unseat the Coalition?   According to Wikipedia - 11%.

Tim, you can ease up a bit now.  No, seriously.  Your over-promotion is probably doing you more harm than good.  On second thoughts - just keep it up:  there's no way an electorate could ever get sick of seeing your face and start thinking you're a vain try hard.   Have you tried sky-writing yet?  


Anonymous said...

Grace Collier is a self-promoting lightweight? LOL. You mean because she is a feared head-kicking industrial relations specialist? What you meant to say is that she is one of Rupert Murdoch's capitalist whores oppressing the wukkas, ey, Steve? You're such a beta boy pansy doormat for the left.

Steve said...

"beta boy pansy doormat for the left."

Speaking as I was of mental teenagers...