Friday, July 29, 2016

Don't export trouble

So, the government has been wondering whether to nominate Rudd as a candidate for UN Secretary General.

As a person who long picked Rudd as a dud before the rest of the nation caught up with the idea, I really cannot see why the government should hesitate in not nominating him.   Honestly, a politician dumped from the top job by his own party for having a disastrous  management style should have no reasonable expectation that his nation would nominate him for such a high profile job where management is a key issue.  That he got a second run at the top job was out of sheer party desperation as to how to resolve internal conflict, and not  due to any significant re-assessment of his talents.

Besides this, his actual performance when meeting world leaders when he was PM was embarrassing.

And furthermore, on recent media appearances, he has looked to me to be very pale and very puffy faced - and while I think Right wingers are often ridiculous and immature in honing in on odd personal appearance in a single photo, I genuinely got the impression that Rudd does not look very healthy (and we know he has had significant health problems in the past.)  In all honesty, despite any temporary hurt to his ego, Turnbull would probably be doing him a long term favour by not nominating him...

Update:  so Rudd doesn't get nominated, although it looks like Malcolm may have led him to believe he would be.

Big deal, Kevin:  do you know how much the public will care about this - not one iota.  So you may have wasted a year or two in flying around the world trying to schmooze the right people.   Meh - you had a hobby, and now it's ended.  Go do something full time for a charity, or learn to paint in watercolours, or anything:  we really don't care.  You're not short of a quid - but here's a suggestion:  find a hobby that doesn't depend on people liking you.

I also endorse Jason Soon's tweet on this:
Rudd's response to not being supported is a perfect example of why he should not be supported.  


Not Trampis said...


you nominate Rudd because he is an ex-Prime Minister who has foreign Affairs experience who will never win the candidacy!

Steve said...

I find it hard to say whether that is more cruel than just telling him we won't nominate.

Look, as far as I can tell, if you nominate but don't endorse (as Bishop has proposed) it seals his fate anyway.

So just don't nominate in the first place.

not trampis said...

You have to nominate him but given he is neither a woman nor an Eat european he ha no chance

John said...

If Trump wins and Rudd wins the world loses. I have been amazed at the way people I know sang Rudd's praises. I don't know why but as soon as he popped up I had misgivings about him.