Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flicking the switch to vaudeville

Oh my.  The state of British politics seems to have become a comedy script instead of something serious, with David Cameron starting a jolly jape that backfired on him, and ultimately resulting in a clown becoming Foreign Secretary.   If such comedy themes continue to spread globally, he'll have another clown in the White House in November with whom he can exchange hair styling tips.

However, I half expect he'll have resigned for impregnating some young European foreign office staffer before then; and Trump: it's not going to happen.

Update:  has there been any support from any media outlet for the appointment of Johnson?   Can't say I've seen any anywhere:  the reaction seems to be universal disbelief.  


Not Trampis said...

She is also lucky that Corbyn is the Oppo Leader and seems not to have any understanding of reality

Not Trampis said...

the appointment of Johnson to Foreign Minister where he must do most of of the Brexit work is simply adding insult to injury.

At best it is strange.