Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Japanese products you didn't know you needed

When catching the Shinkansen in Japan, you should always check the seat pocket in front of you for the rail shopping catalogue that's likely to be there.   It's a bit reminiscent of the old Sharper Image catalogues from the US (younger readers may not even know about them, I guess); perhaps less techy, but with added Japanese idiosyncrasy:

Here are three products, for example:

For the 28 year old man who can't wait to get to 68, there's Silver Ash instant grey hair goop.  The ladies love the older, distinguished Japanese Steve Martin look, apparently.

Here's one for a problem I sometimes find, especially if I have lost a couple of kilos on a diet and can't decide which notch my pants belt should now go to.  Yes, that can make it tricky to keep your shirt tucked in neatly.  What I never realised was that I could solve that with another belt, this one just for my shirt:

At current exchange rates, that comes in at about $75, though.   Neatness comes at a price.  

And what about that long held regret that you can't see inside your own ear hole?   Well, do I have the probe for you:

She seems either surprised, amazed, or happy.   Not entirely sure what my reaction would be...

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