Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My election vote justified

Matthew Canavan says there is 'uncertainty' around impact of climate change | Australia news | The Guardian

I actually don't know how Malcolm Turnbull justifies the political compromises he has had to make to keep the PM job.  It's not as if The Lodge is that nice a house to live in.

I live for the day when a Liberal PM will say to his [update - I would normally say "or her" - but this is the Liberal Party we're talking about] party room - "That's it, climate change deniers and lukewarmer 'we can wait another 30 years before we decide what to do' advocates.  You're wrong, you've been wrong since the start, and you're too stupid or ideological to see or admit it.   Not only that, you've set up the world for irreparable harm for many, many generations.  You'll have no influence on policy and get out and sit on the cross benches if you don't like it."

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