Monday, July 11, 2016

The complicated world of Abenomics

Here's a few posts about the difficult matter of the Japanese economy:

Follow the Money:  Meanwhile, in Japan, Household Consumption Continues to Fall

(Indicating that adjusting the tax burden away from companies and more onto consumers is not always a good idea.)

Halfway Around The World, Brexit Hits Japan's Already Soft Economy

Thanks, Cameron!

And is the whole world "Turning Japanese"?

I really think so...

As an aside:  I was a bit surprised to hear from someone with a bit of local knowledge that one part of Japan I'm somewhat familiar with (the North East Iwate prefecture) is doing better than it used to, due to some businesses relocating factories to the area which was formerly known as a relative poor part of Japan due to it having little industry.   And it's true, the capital of the prefecture, Morioka, seemed more youthful and busier to me that it had when I first visited it 18 years ago.   For a country with a demographic problem, the shopping centre seemed full of kids on a Sunday.

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